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Divergent Technologies Ltd.

Welcome To Divergent Technologies Limited

Divergent Technologies ensures the best returns on technological investments and strengthens the service providers’ market presence by providing them with top-class solutions. On top of that, a large team of experienced and well trained engineers are always available to help service providers provide world-class support 24x7 to their clients. As a result, service providers can make their services available to the end customers all the time. The company has firsthand access to industry developments and makes sure new products are brought to market at the right time.We have developed customized and unique web solutions starting from simple corporate websites to ecommerce solutions, extensive web-based applications, CMS, etc across various industries spanning Publishing, Travel, Education, Entertainment, etc. We identify your needs, and accordingly design and develop optimal solutions that address your business, marketing and communication objectives. Just go through some case studies.It also makes decent investments in Research and Development activities to ensure technological efficiency for the days to come.

Why Choose Us?

Our Track record

⨀ We work with all types of companies and ...
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Great Project Execution - We Will Deliver

⨀ We get repeat business from over 80% of ...
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Transparency - We want to be your long-term partners

⨀ It’s our aim to build a long-term worki ...
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Our wide range of experience

⨀ We have 10 years of experience in bespo ...
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Our people

⨀ We have stable, committed teams with on ...
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Our Cultural and Geographic Proximity

⨀ Our headquarters in Dhaka and development center a ...
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Our Services

Website Development Website Development

Website Solutions

Divergent provides web solutions & services to help customer reach to a wider customer base. The web is a new and diffe ...
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Software Development Software Development

Software Solutions

Divergent Software Solutions has developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. Our matu ...
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Mobile Apps Development

Mobile apps allow users to access valuable information and features from enterprise solutions in handheld devices ...
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Graphic & Multimedia Solutions

Each Client is different with his own ideology and vision, so should be his designs. Having ...
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Network Solutions

We understand that our clients’ information system critically depends on IT infrastructure. We provide state of t ...
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Quality Assurance & Testing

All the software solutions developed undergo following cycle of testing. ...
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Application Maintenance & Support

We have years of experience in executing maintenance projects. Our team of exper ...
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Turnkey Solutions

Divergent Software Solutions takes up projects under this service for a fixed price and takes all responsibility of execu ...
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Offshore development

To get the best IT solutions, you don't need to be geographically near us. That's because we offer quality offs ...
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IVR Service

Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through ...
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Our Recent Projects

How We Work?