Divergent Technologies Ltd.

Product Details

FnF merger Customization

Divergent customized existing Friends & Family (FNF) to onboard Airtel(+88016xxxxxxxx) base to support Robi FNF platform functionalities, Integration & migration support as part of Airtel & Robi FNF service consolidation under merger scenarios in Robi network.  


Background Information

Considering Airtel-Robi merger scenarios Robi would like to customize exiting FNF platform (In-house developed platform ) to onboard Airtel base (016) & support FNF existing functionalities (business logics, CDR generation, customer segmentations, FNF allowed rules for different service classes etc.) for Airtel customers. Hence Robi require 3rd party solution provider support & necessary customization on Robi existing FNF platform.


Tools and Technologies

Codeigniter(MVC) Mysql Bootstrap Html5 Css3 Jquery

System Requirements

(Not Available Right Now)

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